Whilst I was in New York last week I was finally able to get my hands on some of the fall Bath & Body Works products! I’d been dying to try this range for quite a while now but had never been in America during the months that they are sold. Now I’ve returned home with everything in one piece I wanted to share my long awaited fall Bath & Body Works Haul!

Every year I walk into Bath & Body Works telling myself I don’t need any more candles. Every year I end up  at the checkout with 1 under each wing with my mum telling me the same thing, but when theres a $12 poster calling you the second you walk through the door and a 25% off voucher in your back pocket you kind of just have to forget the 20 untouched candles on you cupboard shelf and just go with it.

On this occasion I wasn’t too bad, I did start off with 3 in my basket whilst I continued to rush around smelling as many as I could making myself feel sick in the process. I don’t know what it is but every time I go into a Bath & Body Works store I seem to go into rush mode, like I’m on an episode of super market sweep and I feel like I can’t settle, does that make any sense? I guess it usually has something to do with my dad and brother glaring at me through the glass door, refusing to ever take us to the mall again, they usually are a bit touchy after spending a minute or two parked up outside Sephora.

In the end I did only end up with 1 candle, which really was 1 too many but I’ll let it slide. The candle I ended up sticking with was the Winter 3 wick, it’s made with orange and fir needle essential oils and notes of clove, so basically Christmas in a jar. I’m in love with my Fresh Balsam candle I bought on my last visit to New York and this ones just as good, I also love the packaging with the detailed copper lid.

I’m not too sure why but when theres hardly any space or weight left in my suitcase I seem to be attracted to things I don’t really need and will most likely regret when I’m spinning the contents of my suitcase around in a hurry the morning of my flight home, on this occasion one of those things was this glittery pumpkin candle holder ($15.50), it is nice though isn’t it?

Now just like candles I have enough body sprays to sink a ship, but as I’ve mentioned before I’ve never had the opportunity to buy any autumnal scents from Bath & Body Works so I had to grab at least one. I chose the Spiced Pumpkin Cider mist and in all honesty I didn’t think I’d be a fan of the pumpkiny scent but this one is pretty good and quite different to my usual go to fragrance. $13.50

The next thing I picked up was this Eucalyptus + Spearmint Stress Relief Pillow Mist. I planned on picking this up in Florida but once I saw the mile long queue and the eyebrows on my dad and brother (still fragile from waiting outside Sephora) I thought it would be best to leave it, so this was definitely on the top of my list to buy on this trip.

Right now I do feel like I need to be poring this stuff over my head or sipping it through a straw, but instead I’ve followed the instructions and just kept to spraying it on my pillows every night before I go to bed. I’m not going to lie I have no idea if it actually does anything but I can tell you my pillows smell pretty good.

At this point it wouldn’t be a surprise to you that I hoard Bath & Body Works room sprays, so to add to my collection I bought two of the Christmas scents I’ve already raved about, Winter and Fresh Balsam. 2 for $12.

I was hoping to pick up the Champagne Apple & Honey shower gel in the bear shaped bottle but unfortunately it was completely sold out so instead I picked up the same shower gel in the bee hive packaging, although the bottle isn’t as cute, neither was its price tag I am quite the fan of the sweet appley scent. 

Another shower gel I picked up was from the Aromatherapy collection in Happiness, its infused with bergamot essential oil which is supposed to create a sense of wellbeing, and mandarin essential oil to help improve your mood. The fragrance is very fresh and uplifting so I love using this product in the morning, it also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth afterwards.


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