Hey, I’m Paige Taylor a self confessed shopaholic. I am a 21 year old Fashion student from Somerset who has always had an interest in fashion, beauty, travel and photography. I hope to share with you the best products I have found so far and review anything new I find along the way, I will take you on my travels and share any experiences good or bad as I go.

I am allergic to all nuts, so as far as I know everything I use shouldn’t contain nuts (please feel free to contact me if I have posted something which could contain nuts which I could of missed)

Please be aware any photos or props may not be perfect as I will try to do my best with the equipment I have, I am a student. Any negative comments will be deleted, if you do not like my blog please just move along. All things on this blog are about my journey and are my own opinions and are not intended to offend anyone.

Please do not use my photos without my permission.

I hope you enjoy my blog