So it’s pretty much been a whole month since I returned home from the best three weeks of my life, slightly dramatic? Maybe, but after constantly swiping through thousands of photos & reminiscing back to when I last saw the sun (and had a much better tan) I’ve come to realise that I haven’t shared any snaps over on my blog, so here I’ve put a few together to show you my SeaWorld OOTD!

I’m just going to dive straight on in here with my favourite part of the outfit, the denim cut out shorts! I originally wanted to find a pair of shorts which you could tell apart from the other 10 identical pairs hanging in my wardrobe (mainly because I didn’t want to look like I was sporting the same pair for three weeks straight) and these having cut out pockets were perfect! I originally ordered the shorts from Asos in a size 8 but was having visions of looking like one of those squeezy mesh balls you find in Hawkins Bazaar the minute I eat a single crumb! So with that I decided to return the shorts and grab the next size up, turns out I now have enough room for Shamu and maybe dessert in the back!

To pair with my shorts I wore this pinky-nude knitted crop top from Brandy Melville. I bought this top whilst shopping in London last year and had never worn it before so I decided it was about time it ventured outside of my wardrobe.

As always I try to only pack the bare minimum when flying out to Orlando so I have plenty of space in my case to bring bits back home, so this year I only brought one pair of shoes with me which were these white suede slip-on Vans. I purposely bought these knowing the style and colour would pretty much match every outfit.

SeaWorld OOTD SeaWorld Outfit Of The Day


SeaWorld Outfit Of The Day



SeaWorld Outfit Of The Day


SeaWorld OOTD SeaWorld OOTD SeaWorld OOTD SeaWorld OOTD

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